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2014 - 2015

Chair  Lee-Anne Kerr

Co-chair  Dave Lumbers

Secretary  Diane Bolton

Board Appointment  Laina Andrews

Trustee Appointment  Mary Hall

Trustee Appointment - Alternate  Dave Patterson

Director of Education  Mandy Savery-Whiteway

Community Representative  Dave MacMullen

Past Chair Exofficio   Paul Covert


Belleville / Thurlow Area Representative:  Debbie Royle and Dave Lumbers

Belleville / Thurlow Area Trustee: Dave Patterson and Mary Hall

o       Foxboro Public School

o       Harmony Public School

o       Harry J. Clarke Public School

o       Hillcrest School

o       Park Dale School

o       Prince of Wales Public School

o       Prince Charles School (Belleville)

o       Queen Elizabeth School (Belleville)

o       Queen Victoria School

o       Sir John A. Macdonald School

o         William R. Kirk School

o       Centennial Secondary School

o       Moira Secondary School

o       Quinte Secondary School


Sidney & Frankford Area Representative: Jackie Dales

Sidney & Frankford Area Trustee: Jim Williams

o       Bayside Public School

o       Frankford Public School

o       Susanna Moodie Elementary School

o       Bayside Secondary School


Centre Hastings Area Representative:  Lee-Anne Kerr

Centre Hastings Area Trustee: Bonnie Danes

o       Earl Prentice Public School

o       Madoc Public School

o       Madoc Township Public School

o       Marmora Senior Public School

o       Stirling Public School

o       Centre Hastings Secondary School


North Hastings Area Representative:  Wendy Thrasher

North Hastings Area Trustee: Lucille Kyle

o       Bird's Creek Public School

o       Coe Hill School

o       Hermon Public School

o       Maynooth Public School

o       North Hastings High School


North Prince Edward Area Representative: Lee Swackhammer

North Prince Edward Area Trustee: Jennifer Cobb

o       C.M.L. Snider School

o       Kente Public School

o       Massassaga-Rednersville Public School

o       Sophiasburgh Central School

o       Prince Edward Collegiate Institute


Southeast Hastings Area Representative: Diane Bolton

Southeast Hastings Area Trustee: Larry Whitfield

o       Deseronto Public School

o     Tweed Elementary School

o       Tyendinaga Public School

o       Centre Hastings Secondary School


South Prince Edward Area Representative: Samantha Hirst

South Prince Edward Area Trustee: Dwayne Inch

o       Athol-South Marysburgh Public School

o       Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School

o       Queen Elizabeth School (Picton)

o       South Marysburgh Central School

o       Prince Edward Collegiate Institute


Trenton Area Representative:Tracy Hardwick

Trenton Area Trustee: Tom Biniaris

o       Breadner Elementary Schoo

o       College Street Public School

o       North Trenton Public School

o      Prince Charles Public School (Trenton)

o       Queen Elizabeth Public School (Trenton)

o       V.P. Carswell Elementary School

o       Trenton High School


Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Representative: Paul Covert

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Trustee: Mike Brant 


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